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Client: Logicus escape room

The cultural Association Logicus was founded in 2018 in Cagliari with the aim of becoming part of the world of escape rooms, the new form of live entertainment aimed at a target group of about 16 years
and up.

The game develops within one or more environments/rooms designed and built following a pre-set theme and script, where a group of people have to empathize with the characters of a compelling story and only by working together will be able to solve the puzzles and puzzles hidden in the room/rooms and find the only escape route ... all within 60 minutes!

Seiès creates the visual identity of the Association and at the same time developed the offline advertising material and the online google campaigns for the dissemination of the escape room activity.
It also worked on the artistic/creative direction of the works performed within the play area in collaboration with the owner/president of the Association Alessio Marini wich is the creator of the story and the enigmas and Alberto Pusceddu known artist and expert set designer who conferred spaces the realism necessary thanks to its innate mastery.

The first step in creating the concept for the identity of the escape room strated with the naming that among the various possibilities taken into consideration focused on the choice of Logicus. A name that differs from what is present in the sector where very often the only features that are associated with the concept of escape and key are mentioned as unique and representative elements. Instead Logicus
highlights the intuitive logical aspect that must be used to solve hidden puzzles within the game space. Furthermore, we wanted to give an aspect of historical importance by adopting the Latin language solution.

The animation of the logo highlights precisely the concept expressed in the naming where the metaphor linked to the logic of the brain and therefore to the cerebral gears that are put into action assume the visual aspect of mechanisms with wheels and levers that combining each other give life to the formation of the letters that make up the name, up to the last stage where the letter "i" becomes the last gear that opens the escape route.
The dots inside the round letters give the whole a coherent graphic look but above all wanted as a reference to an archaic / alien alphabet created ad hoc where history and the future come together.