Water purification and treatment
Sardinian quality food brand - Awarded among the first three proposals
Escape room
Constructions company
Image Consultant - professional identity
Air conditioning
Study center for music and singing
Museum documentation center
Food and wine - cellar
Wellness center
Furnishings and design
Food and wine - diary
Brand for tourism in the city of Rome - International competition announcement


Just as each of us has our own DNA and unique identity so too does a company, a corporation,  an association or public administration. The basis of finding that unique image is in study and analysis, and are the foundations from which we start when we face challenges related to communication. Only then will your corporate image have the coherence, solidity and reliability required for successful positioning and achievement of objectives.

1. analysis of the business' experience, culture and organization.
2. analysis of the marketing plan and communication plan
3. study of the target audience and competitors
4. assessment of current and future positioning
5. creative strategy development and media selection
6. variation of the identity in the media chosen

1. to be known and remembered in a clear and unequivocal
2. to represent your business and its values in a coherent way
3. to differentiate from competitors
4. to create or strengthen the sense of belonging in the staff
5. to communicate the most intangible content
6. to give the company a personality
7. to reassure the market and encourage new development opportunities
8. to define the position and increase its visibility among the target audience