Label of the Year 2008 - 13th International Packaging Competition at Vinitaly 2008
Packaging for dried fruit, dehydrated, seeds and berries
Painting on glass bottles for water
Packaging of rise
Wine labels and capsule customization
Cheese labels
Wine labels
Cheese Labels


Packaging, “The silent salesman.” No words necessary when it comes from a detailed product study and communication strategy with clear goals. Packaging can attract and win the most unfocused of customers over through image and design for, as we know, the eyes have it! However, before getting to the consumer, we have to carry out a series of multi-disciplinary actions that keep an eye on what packaging must do; contain, protect, keep, transport, introduce, inform, sell and give energy back.

Product analysis
1. Characteristics (shape, dimensions, weight, type, conservation).
2. Logistics (transport type, storage, movement).
3. Communication (information, graphics, target of reference).
4. Commercial needs (method of sale, necessity).
5. Legal requirements (ecological characteristics, requirements of material, norms of reference).
6. Distribution cycle (environmental, climactic, biological, mechanical and chemical parameters).
7. Analysis of competitors.

Choice of materials
1. Compatibility with product contained.
2. Chemical/physical protection and organoleptic products.
3. Mechanical protection of product.
4. Keeping impact on environment to a minimum.
5. Satisfying legal requirements at national and international level.
6. Cheapness.
7. Marketing linked needs.
8. Strengths and weaknesses of materials examined.

From prototype to supplier
1. Identifying of specifics for main packaging and, if asked, secondary packaging.
2. Projecting of static and animated 3D model.
3. Creating prototype.
4. elaboration of creative strategy on basis of previous phases.
5. Graphic projecting.
6. Creating of mock-up.
7. Packaging test.
8. Production of proof and executive.
9. Creation of final product.

In partnership with Dr. Nicole Battilani, Packaging Technologist.