Brand identity and brand image back

Client: Federica Grimaldi - Image Consultant

Federica Grimaldi works as Image Consultant between Milan and Cagliari.

Seiès creates the professional visual identity for her, conceiving the brand with the name of the same professional and the use of color as a distinctive feature for the brand image.

The logo was the first element from which the brand was developed at the same time for specific synthesis applications such as for the letterhead printed in offset on laminated paper with four-color printing plus silver and hot punch.

The brand image was conceived by identifying the color as a peculiar and identifying element in relation to the services offered such as Personal image, Professional image, Personal shopping, Lifestyle, Special occasions. The digital illustrations by Andrea Cara have been the chosen technique compared to photography because more original and better representative for the style of the professional.

Specifically, the following were created: the logo, the brand, the professional letterhead, the gift cards, the make-up cards, the illustrations and the website.