Product identity back

Client: Regione Sardegna

Competition of ideas for the design of the quality agri-food brand of the Sardinia Region.
Award-winning proposal among the first three.

Technical report
The study of the brand / label has been oriented towards a design choice that goes beyond the more obvious institutional visual identity of the Sardinia Region.
The element of the cross and the four Moors together with the institutional colors have been boldly set aside in favor of a symbol with a more current and specific strong visual identity linked above all to the agri-food product, which is recycled to the island thanks to the extreme synthesis of Sardinia itself obtained with four (like the four Moors) curved lines, from one of which the lower element of the letter Q (Quality) is also obtained visually. The circle in negative as well as the other curved lines, completes the
assembly by positioning itself on the external sticker in positive, where also the lettering (Futura bold) in negative finds that is the only graphic element that is connected to the identity visual of the Sardinia Region.The choice of color, green with two shades, wants to reinforce the concept of quality thanks to a perception of chromatic elegance aimed at defining the aspect of uniqueness that the evergreen products of Sardinia must guarantee.