News back

I've tried my best!

We did not have enough time to say goodbye properly to the 2012 as the 2013 has made Seiès pleasantly overwhelmed with so much work and some good news too.

After a few years we decided to participate in some contest/competiotion of ideas... and we have won two of it! We can not reveal any more details, but we want to share with those who read these lines our satisfaction for having found that the meticulous work on a logo for a visual identity still have a value, and we will never stop to point it out.

Meanwhile, in January, February and early March rainy days we have been working on the image of some new company such as: "Acqualove" involved in selling water after sanitation and purification, located in Sardinia and Puglia Italy, "Santu Teru" a cellar biological Vineyard located in Nurallao Sardinia, "Nauticlub" a sailing sport association located in Alghero Sardinia and the Association "Ancient Portals" involved in accomodation and touristic services, located in San Vito Sardinia.

We are now mostly working on a very exciting project in terms of architectural and 3D design animation, and with great pride we are going to create the image that will be coordinate on the communication tools and devices for the Rumundu project, a wonderful bike trip around the world looking for stories and sustainable lifestyles which is closing to departure... from Sardinia.

Finally we have now time to re-emerge from the apnea we have been staying for a while and we are ready to publish the related content of this work, with the hope to show you as soon as possible other "roads" taken, that combine 3D, animation and communication design.

We suggest you to give a peek around here occasionally as we are doing everything we can to show you the best!

See you soon :)